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INSPIRED CONNECTIONS TRANSPORT is your local NEMT Transport Service.

What makes us so great at what we do is that we do what we say we’ll do.

With a skilled team wearing friendly faces and a determined attitude, we’re all about great service and quality work. Check us out for a full list of services we provide.


I believe that every individual deserves to be happy and can have a safe place to deal with life challenges.

 A person can seek counseling at any phase of their life regardless of the challenge.

 I encourage all individuals to seek counseling for the purpose of staying healthy.

Candy Cotton

Making Life Improvement Convienent

"I'm too busy"   

           "I can't take time off work "      

No problem! 

I understand that this is a common obstacle for most individuals so I’m happy offer ways to make counseling more convenient, such as:

Evening and weekend appointments at no extra charge

Make or change appointments online

All clients have access to their Patient Portal

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I am accepting OHP (Oregon Health Plan) and Moda insurance, as well as working towards other insurance plans. 

Don't let cost get in the way

Counseling is you investing in yourself. 

I want to encourage those interested to contact the office for an in-person or phone consultation.

I am accepting OHP (Oregon Health Plan) and Moda insurance, as well as working towards other insurance plans. 

Not using insurance, however, does afford us the freedom to work together as long as you would like rather than having to follow any restrictions by the insurance company.

For those individuals I can offer a sliding scale, as well as the option to be on a payment plan.



At Inspired I believe in treating the entire individual.  I follow a holistic approach to therapy, exploring various aspects that may impact an individual’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. 

Let me help address your emotional needs.

Here are some common concerns…

  •  gender identity

  • sexual or romantic orientation

  • coming out process

  • educating family about gender identity

  • friendship/relationship concerns

  • divorce or separation

  • dealing with grief or loss

  • college or career concerns

  • self-esteem or body image

  • dependency /addiction

  • uncertain about the future

How would you like to be someone with; 

ü  Healthy habits.

ü  Better insight

ü  Hope for the future


Let me provide you that safe space; 

ü  Private and Confidential

ü  Free of judgement

ü  Free to express yourself

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